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Due to scheduling difficulties, today's show had to be cancelled.



 I had a great time with my friend Jesper from Sweden. Yes... he is actually from Sweden. My girlfriend ,Tracy Licks, hooked me up with him when he came to town and I am so glad she did. Initially, I had invited him over to play some pool but as soon as we started to play all I could think about was having his Swedish meatballs all in my mouth!!!! I may have to take a trip to Sweden because he had me in every imaginable position he could think of on that pool table. And of course you know I loved tasting every bit of load in my wide open mouth!!!!!




My hot, young, sexy and slutty friend, CARMEN VALENTINA came over to my place to do a live web cam show with her. And let me tell was so fucking HOT!!!! WE DID EVERYTHING WE COULD IMAGINE!!!!! We licked each other's  pussies, and then stuffed plenty of dildos into each other. I even tried to fit my monster size dildo into her! We came so many times I can't count the amount of screams between us. I hope the neighbors weren't too upset.



You all know that Dee is a slut, so when I was planning a trip to North Carolina for a reunion of mine the first words to cum out of her mouth was, "I haven't been to Atlanta in a while, can we stop there to see a few friends?!" Of course I knew what was on her mind! She wanted to stop in Atlanta to get some of the good cock she had pounded there before! As you can see by the look in her eyes she was not disappointed. Enjoy!!!




This weeks update is a video I made when I was really horny. It was a request from one of my members who likes to see my getting with dildos and vibrators. I gradually work my way up to the "Mamba" which Vaseline Guy sneaks in on me while he was recording. I came using every one of them!!!!! I even tried to get Vaseline Guy to join in but he told me he was too scared to come close to me after he saw the look in my eyes after cumming! I hope you enjoy the pictures and video!


March 2013 Bar Meet

   This update is from the bar meet we had last month. Once again, we saw a lot of old friends and met some GREAT new friends. Remember to follow me on Twitter @FloridaDoubledD



Dee and Vaseline Guy

This update is actually of  Dee and I when we first met after one of their web girl bar meets. The funny thing is, I asked if I could take her to dinner and her reply was, "No, but you can come over and fuck me!" I should have known then I would be in some trouble. Yes...this is a true story! Anyway, these are the pictures from our "first date".   Remember to follow Dee on Twitter @FloridaDoubledD



Member Blowjob Pictures and Video

I met this guy on Xhamster and he became a member of my web site. He sent an email to my personal email address on this site and wanted to know if he could have a blowjob. I realized I haven't done a member blowjob in ages and decided it was time I got one done for you guys! So here it is!!!!!!   Remember to follow me on Twitter @FloridaDoubledD



Back at the Glory Hole!

I don't know why I love this filthy place sooooo much!!!! But I can't get enough of it and I made Vaseline Guy take me back again. I think it may become one of my new places to hang out at on a regular basis. Pictures and videos this new adventure are inside. Hope to see you in here with me!  Remember to follow me on Twitter @FloridaDoubledD



Bar Meet Fun/2 Black Bulls

Had a great time at our last bar meet. Vaseline guy took some great picture. I also added a video of me getting fucked really well by 2 black bulls.  Remember to follow me on Twitter @FloridaDoubledD




When Tracy and Dee find a park full of men well they go dogging! Dogging meaning fucked like sluts in public! Oh boy did they fuck like sluts! The girls went from dick to dick until their faces are covered in spooge and pussy's are dripping!





Three hung Mandingos were craving a white married cock whore so who do you call for a room service slut? You call 1-800 Fuck Dee your room service slut! My slut takes dick in her mouth, cunt and you can even use her pooper as another fuck hole until you blast a load right down her mouth!